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The American Medical Association (AMA) Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Leo Bronston to serve a four-year term representing the Health Care Professional Advisory Committee on the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Editorial Panel from 2024-2028. Dr. Bronston, owner of Bronston Chiropractic and Community Care Clinics in Onalaska and La Crosse, is the first doctor of chiropractic serving the AMA in this role.

CPT codes offer healthcare providers a uniform language for coding medical services and procedures to streamline reporting, increasing accuracy and efficiency. These codes function at the intersection of patients, providers, and payers. For example, a routine check-up, lab test, or therapy has a code attached to it, helping track and bill for various services, including medical as well as chiropractic and physical therapy treatments.

Dr. Bronston notes, “This AMA appointment is an honor, and serving is part of my commitment to help lead our national healthcare industry forward in embracing holistic patient care. Over the past decade, we have seen greater acceptance of non-drug, non-surgical treatments for pain and injury – including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy – and acceptance and demand will only continue to grow. At Bronston Clinics, we are pleased to serve patients and employers across the Coulee Region with leading-edge patient care as well as provide national healthcare thought leadership.”

Research shows that chiropractors treat more than 35 million Americans each year1, without drugs or surgery, using natural options to address pain or injury. Chiropractors offer spinal manipulation and other effective non-drug approaches to common musculoskeletal conditions such as back, neck, and joint pain. They also share information with patients on injury prevention, physical activity, nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle advice. These non-drug approaches have the potential to improve pain and function without risk of serious harm2. And patients want these services; almost 80% of Americans prefer to first use options other than prescription drugs for their pain3.

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