Affordable Employee Healthcare For Employers

A 7 Rivers Alliance Executive Survey found lack of affordable employee healthcare to be a critical issue in the Coulee Region: Business leaders named “affordable healthcare” as the #1 challenge faced by employees – ahead of housing, childcare, and transportation.

For common conditions or injuries, employers and employees need affordable, accessible healthcare from qualified medical professionals. This available care helps support strong businesses and a healthy community.

Regarding neuromusculoskeletal pain or injuries, a study links chiropractic care to lower costs and faster return to work. For example, The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute study found that medical care costs less and claimants return to work more quickly when low back pain treatment is provided solely by chiropractors.

How Employee Healthcare Works

Self-insured employers, government offices, and small businesses establish a Community Care Clinic affiliation. Employees gain access to cash-based medical services ($40 office visits), and an HSA or company allowance covers initial expenses. Same-day Community Care appointments are often available at our Onalaska location or our Chiropractic Clinics in Onalaska and La Crosse. Telemedicine virtual visits provide fast, convenient access to first-level healthcare from the workplace or home.

Our Story

Bronston Chiropractic began in a rural community that was medically underserved. We saw patients in need of affordable medical treatment and responded by adding services and staff. A collaborative care model developed into a family practice model, and we so opened the Community Care Clinic as a division of Bronston Chiropractic.

Patient Services

On-site patient services include physical exams, treatment for common medical and musculoskeletal conditions, sports exams, physical therapy, injections, diagnostic ultrasounds, X-rays, and laboratory work. Businesses gain a resource for flu clinics plus drug testing, DOT exams, ergonomics, workman’s compensation, injury triage, and work hardening. Referrals and sharing of patient information with Mayo and Gundersen allow for seamless health care networking.


See our complete list of services and fees, and contact Dr. Bronston for further information. Together, we can provide affordable, accessible, quality care for Coulee Region employees.