Employer Services

Affordable Employee Healthcare

In a 7 Rivers Alliance Executive Survey, business leaders named “affordable employee healthcare” as the #1 challenge faced by workers – ahead of housing, childcare, and transportation. Employers want to offer affordable, accessible care from qualified providers for common workforce conditions or injuries. For example, low back pain is a common complaint among employees – reported by 25.7% of all U.S. workers, per the National Institute of Health.

Bronston Employer Services offer a fresh solution for Coulee Region employers who want a healthy workforce plus reduced work-related claims and costs: A direct contract for chiropractic and physical therapy services provided by caring professionals – along with medical services through our Community Care Clinic plus massage therapy, sports medicine, laboratory testing, and DOT exams.

How Employee Healthcare Works

With the Bronston Employer Services program, self-insured employers, government offices, and small businesses can:
  • Channel employees to Bronston Clinics in Onalaska or La Crosse – a reputable provider group offering quality service plus affordability
  • Offer both chiropractic care and physical therapy for optimal return to function with injury prevention strategies – plus a medical provider for Rx or other needs
  • Reduce potential workers’ compensation claims with a provider who doesn’t order unnecessary tests but efficiently treats the source of the problem
  • Receive a yearly scorecard demonstrating utilization of services plus outcomes of care provided
  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs for employees by providing needed care while transitioning to self-management and ergonomic training
  • Improve the bottom line and provide a quality experience for employees, while they retain freedom of provider choice

Telemedicine virtual visits provide fast, convenient access to first-level employee healthcare from the workplace or home.

Our Story

Bronston Chiropractic began in a rural community that was medically underserved. We saw patients in need of affordable medical treatment and responded by adding services and staff. A collaborative care model developed into a family practice model, and we so opened the Community Care Clinic as a division of Bronston Chiropractic. Referrals and sharing of patient information with Mayo and Gundersen allow for seamless healthcare networking.

The Bottom Line

Regarding neuromusculoskeletal pain or injuries, the Workers Compensation Research Institute 2022 report on Chiropractic Care for Workers with Low Back Pain revealed that medical costs per claim for chiropractic care are 47% lower than for non-chiropractic claims. Also, chiropractic claims have 35% lower indemnity payments and 26% shorter temporary disability.

One company we serve through Bronston Employer Services has experienced 15% chiropractic utilization in one year – well above the national average – with satisfied employees and significant cost reductions.


Are you ready to reap the benefits of a healthy workforce with reduced work-related claims and lower costs? Let’s discuss how our Employer Services solution can help meet your employee healthcare needs. Contact Dr. Bronston at 608.781.2225 or email drbronston@bronstonchiro.com.

Together, we can provide affordable, accessible, quality care for Coulee Region employees.