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Dr. Leo Bronston

Dr. Leo Bronston


Dr William Sterba

Dr. William Sterba


Julie Lassa

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Brian Allen

Medical Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Rolfing

Dr. Jennifer Rolfing

Physical Therapist

Gena Allen

Gena Allen

Massage Therapist

40+ Years

Bronston Clinics: Our Story

Over 40 years ago, Bronston Chiropractic started in a rural community that was medically underserved. Our team at Bronston saw various health problems in patients in need of affordable medical treatment and set out to add healthcare services, staff, and on-going education. Over time, our collaborative care model developed into a model that was more like a family medical practice. That’s how Dr. Bronston decided to open the Community Care Clinic as part of Bronston Chiropractic. Today, we also offer convenient Telemedicine appointments to assess your symptoms or pain, then arrange the medical care and treatment you need.

Collaborative care means to work together,
to make sure that we can provide the patient with the best type of care.
Community Care

Bronston Clinics: Collaborative Care

The initial idea for the Community Care Clinic was to provide affordable, accessible and quality medical care services to the areas we serve. This is extremely important in our community because prevention is invaluable and patients need to know what they can do to preserve their health for the long term.

By practicing collaborative healthcare at Bronston Chiropractic and Community Care Clinics, we focus on solving muskuloskeletal and medical issues rather than masking the problems. It’s not just about getting rid of the pain today – but keeping it away.


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