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We often hear from patients after a fall, sports injury, or an at-home or work-related accident: Is my pain due to muscle strain, joint stress, or spinal misalignment, or have I broken a bone? Let’s talk about the signs revealing you may have broken a bone.

Have I Broken a Bone?

Symptoms of a fracture include pain, swelling, or a deformity. Other signs:

  • A snap, grinding, or popping noise
  • Bruising or tenderness
  • Inability to put weight on the area, touch it, or move it
  • An odd angle or a bone poking through the skin
  • Tingling or numbness

In case of a fracture, you will likely need to go to the emergency room and have the bone set. For other cases, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and other natural treatments may address your pain, strain, or injury, getting you back in motion quickly and effectively.

Treating Pain or Injury

At Bronston Clinics, we can assess your pain or injury to determine the root of the problem. We will examine the area, ask you questions about how and when your pain or injury occurred, and possibly test your range of motion. As needed, we may use on-site X-ray equipment to verify that you don’t have a fracture.

Then, we will work with you to set a treatment plan. This may include spinal adjustment, heat/cold therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, dry needling, physical therapy, exercise, and/or massage therapy. Bronston providers can offer expertise across all modalities of healing. We can also work with your insurance or workers’ compensation to help manage out-of-pocket costs.

After initial treatment, we will set follow-up sessions to ensure your progress, so you can get back to work and the activities you love with less pain, better strength, and more mobility. Setting a proactive plan will help to ensure your complete healing and increase your ability to avoid future injury. It can also help you avoid unnecessary pain medications, which may be harmful and addictive.

Combining Modalities

One recent patient’s story underscores the synergy and effectiveness of combining modalities of treatment such as chiropractic care and physical therapy through Bronston Clinics:

I had been at the local clinic because I could not walk due to a knee problem. I had x-rays and a referral to ortho for when they had an opening. The provider mentioned surgery a few times. She never touched or looked at my knee, and I was still in pain and couldn’t walk. I drove to Bronston Chiropractic Clinic and asked if they could help me. They sprang into action. They looked for blood clots, they relieved the pain, and we came up with a plan. No surgery. They cared!

Questions about treating your pain or injury? Click to learn more about Bronston Clinics, then contact us for help determining your best next step forward. Let’s get you back in motion quickly and effectively.

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