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Whether they play in a neighborhood sports league or are elite competitors, an increasing number of young athletes rely on chiropractors who specialize in youth sports medicine. Traveling sports start at a younger age, which usually means more weekly practices and tournaments multiple weekends per month. Tee-ball starts by age 4; travel baseball and football begin by age 8. Kids committing to one sport, called specializing, is seen by middle school. Therefore, chiropractors are seeing an increased need for sports medicine to help these young athletes.

Youth Sports Medicine and Chiropractic Care
A study by The American Journal of Sports Medicine says athletes who specialize at a younger age are injured more often. Chiropractic care has a niche in this environment, plus the knowledge to treat young athletes. There are five benefits of chiropractic care for young athletes:

1. Recovery time – A baseball pitcher uses a repetitive throwing motion. A volleyball player jumps, blocks, and hits. A football player takes body blows. Chiropractors use techniques such as massage to make the tissue more moveable and relaxed, decrease lactic acid, and improve blood flow. Physiotherapy with ultrasound or cold laser helps inflammation, and an adjustment improves mobility.
2. Injury repair – Each sport has its injuries. Dancers experience leg injuries, golfers have arm pain, and lacrosse players cite knee issues and muscle strains. Adjusting joints can enhance mechanical motion. Soft tissue techniques improve muscle tone and blood flow. Ultrasound and cold laser reduce inflammation and pain. Kinesio Taping can provide support.
3. Optimal wellness – Caring for an athlete’s body shouldn’t begin after the first tournament but should focus on body awareness, health, and optimal function all year. Chiropractors recommend proper diet and nutrition, sleep, and training for a life-long habit. Proper spinal alignment through adjustments, body mechanic evaluation, and gait analysis assist with muscular patterns and development.
4. Holistic support – Before beginning a sport, a youngster may need a sports physical, which Bronston Clinics provide. With athletes training year-round and specializing at a younger age, your chiropractor plays a vital role in facilitating whole-body wellness.
5. Time and attention – Chiropractors typically spend more time with each patient than MDs. Chiropractic treatment includes a whole-health assessment to ensure no underlying issues that may contribute to an injury or cause future problems, with careful evaluation of progress.

Bronston chiropractors are trained to understand the anatomical and physiological response to movement patterns, as well as optimal treatment options. In fact, Dr. Bronston has assisted Olympic Team USA with sports medicine and chiropractic care at the Chula Vista and Colorado Springs Training Centers. We offer a deep understanding of injury repair and guidelines for safely returning young athletes to their sports. Call 608.781.2225 for an appointment.

Source: NUHS blog

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