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Dry Needling for Pain Relief

Dr. Leo Bronston has completed certification for dry needling treatment to serve patients experiencing neuromusculoskeletal pain. Dry needling – also known as myofascial trigger point needling or intramuscular stimulation – involves inserting a tiny monofilament needle through the skin to release shortened bands of muscles and decrease trigger point activity. It is called “dry” needling because there is no solution injected with the needle. This is not traditional Chinese acupuncture but rather a medical treatment based on a medical diagnosis. As a point of distinction, Dr. Bronston performs the dry needling procedure with guided ultrasound for increased specificity and efficacy.

How Dry Needling Works
Dry needling is a valuable and effective treatment for neuromusculoskeletal pain. It can ease joint pain, inactivate trigger points, loosen stiff muscles, improve blood flow, increase oxygen and circulation plus restore function. Applications include head and neck pain, whiplash, headaches or migraines, degenerative joint disease, degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis. Patients experiencing sciatica due to lumbar stenosis, for example, can experience a decrease in the tightness of spinal muscles, reducing compression on vertebrae and the sciatic nerve. Along with relieving pain and promoting healing, dry needling has the benefit of releasing toxins, which further alleviates discomfort. Many patients experience immediate pain relief, but several sessions may increase effectiveness. Dry needling can be part of a broader approach incorporating physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

About Dr. Bronston
Dr. Bronston is the owner of Bronston Chiropractic Clinics in Onalaska and La Crosse, Wisconsin, and is vice president of the American Chiropractic Association. He collaborated with the American Physical Therapy Association to create a dry needling code for the procedure to be billable. Are you wondering if dry needling for pain relief could be the answer to your needs? For more information on dry needling or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bronston in our Onalaska clinic, please call 608.781.2225 today.


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