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Text Neck

If you’re like most people, you can’t imagine a day without your phone or other devices. And while technology is essential, there’s an unfortunate side effects to consider. Spending so much time holding a device in front of your face and craning to look down at it could have some serious potential side effects after a while.¬†One study, which appeared in Spine Journal, referred to the condition known as “text neck” as an epidemic.

As the name implies, text neck is the condition that comes from angling the neck downward, distorting the posture to get a better look at a phone screen. This could be dangerous because it strains your upper back and neck. How can you use your phone and avoid text neck? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Change your posture: It can be hard to break old habits, but training yourself to sit up properly and keep the phone at eye level could lower your risk considerably. You might also want to use a headset, Bluetooth or ear buds to free up your hands.
  • Limit yourself: This might be even harder than changing your posture! Taking breaks from your phone to walk around and stretch without it will force you to shift out of “text neck” position, and that could be a good thing.
  • Seek out a professional: Only a real care provider will be able to tell for sure if your neck pain needs serious treatment. Chiropractic care, physical therapy or massage therapy could provide the relief you need.

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