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Working out and participating in sports will almost inevitably lead to some wear and tear. When that “tear” involves the ACL, however, it can be quite painful indeed. If you have pain that seems to be a sign of this, don’t ignore it. Instead, try and see if it matches some of the following symptoms, so you will know for sure.

  • A loud noise at the time of the tear: A lot might be going on when the tear itself happens, but pay attention all the same. If you notice a distinct “popping” noise, an ACL tear may be exactly what you’re dealing with. Also pay attention to any sudden pain that accompanies the noise, since that’s a clear sign that it probably isn’t just a sprain and won’t go away.
  • Difficulty moving: Once the ligament has been torn, you probably won’t be able to move your knee fully without some difficulty. Just because you can walk doesn’t mean that thereĀ isn’t some serious damage that needs treatment. Remember that stress and sudden movement are what often cause the ACL tear in the first place: this is what makes it a common incident for athletes, when running and kicking is frequent.”
  • Swelling: Keep watching the joint and notice if swelling is making movement more difficult. It can begin very shortly after the tear and continue during the gradual healing process. The swelling could also come with pain and tenderness, making the area around the ACL particularly sensitive.

One of the answers to this issue may be working with a knowledgeable chiropractor or healthcare provider. Bronston Chiropractic Clinics offer expert and affordable sports medicine services, whatever your sport. Contact us today or click to request an appointment at our convenient locations in Onalaska and La Crosse.

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