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COVID-19 testing:

The Bronston Community Care Clinic offers COVID-19 testing in Onalaska, with PCR test results available in 1-3 days. We provide COVID-19 PCR tests on Tuesdays only at this time, and appointments are required. This will be a drive-up test only; you will not come inside the Clinic.

Click here to register for your test or copy the link:

Our address is 1202 County Road PH, Suite 100, Onalaska, WI. Questions? Please call the Clinic at 608.781.2225.

What you can do to slow the Coronavirus spread:

  • Wear a mask in public. Don’t touch your face. Don’t shake hands.
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with hot water and soap, or use hand sanitizer. Cover your sneeze or cough with your sleeve or a tissue (dispose and wash hands).
  • Stay home or work from home, if possible. Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods. Exercise and get enough sleep.
  • When in public, maintain a social distance of six feet from others.

What to do if you feel ill:

  • If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms such as cough or difficulty breathing, call the Community Care Clinic at 608.781.2225.
  • Using convenient Telemedicine, our healthcare professionals will talk with you about your symptoms while you stay safely at home.
  • We will offer healthcare advice to help manage your symptoms so you can be more comfortable.
  • If we determine that you should be tested, we will provide directions.

The Community Care Clinic is committed to providing you with expert, affordable and accessible healthcare services. For more information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), including prevention of the virus, handling the illness and protecting our community, please visit

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