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When the sun is out and there’s a nice breeze blowing, a relaxing bike ride can be the ideal activity. Summer can also be a good time to take to your cycle if you’re a professional cyclist looking to train, or some other athlete who needs the exercise. We want you to enjoy biking without lower back pain.

A bicycle, of course, is basically a seat on wheels, and we all know how bad sitting in the wrong posture can be. If you already have poor posture, time spent on the bike in a bad position can possibly make it worse.

“Time spent on the bike in a bad position can possibly make your posture worse.”

We recommend working on your posture before you even climb onto the bike seat. It may be good to think of maintaining your posture as an all-day effort, not just one that begins when you’re biking. We also suggest exercises such as planks, which could be generally helpful for your muscles and posture, as well as the all-important core.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the pain in your back might not actually be just because of your back. The cause may be lower on your body. Often the culprit is not the back, but the pelvis. It is important to sit on the saddle with proper pelvic positioning—a slight forward tilt—so you can maintain a neutral and not overly flexed spine.

When you want to improve your form, take some time to see whether or not you’re carrying yourself properly. For advice and care tips, consult your Bronston healthcare provider or click to request an appointment. We want to help keep you in motion and pain-free, so you can enjoy biking without lower back pain!

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