World Spine Day arrives on Oct. 16

Whether you've suffered back pain before or simply want to draw greater awareness to the facts, an international holiday in October intends to do just that. Oct. 16 was World Spine Day, a chance to focus on the importance of proper back care. While the main objectives center  on spinal disorders, we can also see this as an opportunity to promote better sitting, to reduce the chances of developing these problems later on.

This program is part of the Bone and Joint Decade, an initiative from the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health spanning 2010 to 2020. The single World Spine Day is the second of five specific days celebrated throughout the month.

The others include World Arthritis Day (Oct. 12), World Trauma Day (Oct. 17), World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day (Oct. 19) and World Osteoporosis Day (Oct. 20). World Spine Day in particular is based on the theme of "Straighten Up and Move," a concept that's been with the organization since 2012. As the name implies, the event encourages movement as a way to stay healthy.

However, while doing this, people need to watch out for possible exercise mistakes. One general rule may be to partake in activities that slowly test your muscles as opposed to those that put you through more extreme, intensive movements. Following this day and what it means may encourage you to reach out to others and promote the same practices elsewhere.

Even if you didn't know this at the time, learning about World Spine Day and other related holidays can help you find ways to correct bad behavior that impacts you daily. Talk to a chiropractor for more information about the best ways to keep your back in good shape.