Why not sleep on the couch? Beds can be better for your back

As long as you get enough sleep, it doesn't matter where you choose to doze off, right? Actually, the consensus seems to be that there are some downsides to sleeping in the living room instead of the bedroom. Although there will always be variables that impact whether or not this is true for you, the couch may be a lot less comfortable for you than it looks.

You can probably guess some of the real downsides to couch sleeping simply by comparing your bed and sofa side by side. If your couch doesn't fold out into a bed, then it just simply isn't designed to support your body the way a sleeping mattress is.

That matters, because it means that you won't get the same distribution across your muscles as you lie there, which may leave you sleeping in an awkward position. The soft cushions could be just a distraction that ends up hurting you in the long run. Crashing on it while traveling is one thing, but sleeping there night after night? Not usually a great idea.

Just as the couch isn't really designed for sleeping, the living room isn't usually the ideal spot for a good night's rest. Noise and light from windows and televisions could distract you and leave you unable to nod off. Of course, these days light from devices isn't limited to one room but can be a problem no matter where you are. For the best results, it may be wise to avoid looking at any kind of backlit screen before bed.

Sleeping in the right spot may help your back, but there's other factors to consider. For comprehensive help, visit a chiropractor who can give you all of the advice you need for better regular spinal health.