When might you need electrical muscle stimulation therapy?

Our blog is taking a closer look at the different types of techniques to be found at the Bronston Chiropractic & Community Care Clinic. One of the ways chiropractors can stimulate muscles is through electronic stimulation, also known as e-stim. It can have various applications, and though it's only one example of the options available, if you suffer from weak muscles, it could be the treatment for you.

In a broad sense, electronic stimulation might seem similar to spinal manipulation. In both cases, the practitioner is delivering a high amount of energy to an isolated part of the body to target particular muscles. Like manual manipulation, electronic treatment can target a joint and be meant chiefly to reduce pain in the body.

However, it can also serve some other purposes, stimulating the muscles to prompt growth. It can come after surgery to help heal parts of the body and restore the musculature, or simply help to keep swelling down.

As such, electric methods can be versatile during therapy and provide relief using various types of currents and methods. If you've never received this treatment before, don't let the idea of electricity being applied to your body seem frightening: It's actually a way to communicate with the muscles, potentially causing them to contract and easing blood flow into the affected areas.

Our care clinic includes electrical muscle stimulation on a list of different other treatments, which you can read here. Working with our care providers will give you personal strategies to try out at home to continue the quality of care you receive here. You can also call us to find out more about the prices of different procedures. We offer a large catalog of services at affordable rates throughout Wisconsin.