Warning for Moms: Carrying these 3 essential things may hurt your back

To reduce back strain, you may have to reconsider some of the basic everyday activities you take part in. This may mean that an object you're used to carrying could be causing more problems than you know – and the longer you leave it, the greater a chance for possible damage. Address this early on by considering the various things you do on a regular basis and the toll they could take on you.

This could be a long list, but here are just some of the hidden culprits wearing down your back over time. In many cases, you may not have a choice of whether or not you have to carry them, so the question becomes how to do so safely. Read on for some ideas:

  1. Children: Balancing a child on your hip or putting too much of their weight on the side of your body could be a bad idea. Instead, follow a natural body position to keep your spine erect.
  2. Purses: Dr. Akhil Chhatre recently spoke to New York Magazine about the ergonomic elements that impact posture. "Just like we have highlighted concerns with the way we sit, the way we walk, our posture, our working conditions, we see some of the same issues with purses, especially the larger they get," he said. Chhatre recommended removing unnecessary items from the purse, using a backpack or switching the side you carry the purse to change where the weight is located.
  3. Strollers: In this case, it's the pushing, not the carrying, that could have a negative impact. A key to overcoming problems here could be aligning the shoulders and feet correctly, while keeping the spine upright.

When all else fails, a professional chiropractor will give new moms the care the need to correct bad habits.