The what, how and why of ear lavage

Don't get the wrong idea about cleaning your ears. While there's entire industries built around cleaning with cotton swabs, there are other, more in-depth means you might want to try. One of these is the ear lavage, which is a thorough way to clean the exterior of the ear without the risks that come from other, more common methods.

A lavage simply means washing out an area of the body, so in this case, it's using a fluid to clean out the ear, as opposed to the more dangerous ways that involve using pointy objects. An article in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery recently explained some of the recommendations in dealing with "cerumen," also known as earwax.

Some of the methods do include manually extracting the earwax. But the source also said that as many as fifty percent of those with issues "itching and dizziness" felt relief after a lavage, specifically. This came from a study involving 125 participants in the U.K.

Although this can be a helpful treatment, it's important to understand the benefits of leaving your ears be. Attacking the ears too ferociously could be counterproductive, especially since earwax is actually usually a beneficial thing that the body regulates on its own. That's why patients should work with a professional to diagnose their problem and get the right treatment. It's good to avoid any action that might unintentionally damage your ears and also benefit from an environment where other treatments are close by.

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