Taking breaks for your back health

Sitting for too long, hunching over a computer screen, and "text neck" are all serious concerns for back health in 2016. While the problems associated with constant device use may be obvious, it's usually unrealistic to expect workers to ditch their devices entirely. A possible compromise is just taking occasional breaks to get out and about.

There are, of course, ways to make your sitting less damaging, including adjusting your posture or choosing a chair that gives you the most support. In the end, though, it's the sitting itself that can be the problem. The question then becomes how often to take a break and for how long.

A Lifehacker article suggested standing once an hour and setting an alarm to remind you to do so. The same source also recommended getting around 30 minutes of activity every day, based on a study that appeared in the American Diabetes Journal.

University of South Carolina Aiken Associate Professor Dr. Brian Parr echoed the sentiment and told Lifehacker that the needed movement could be easier to get than some think.

"We usually tell people moderate activity is equivalent to a brisk walk," he said. "This would include yard work or cleaning your house — anything that gets you moving counts. You don't have to do what people think of as exercise." He also stated that the recommended 30 minutes could be spread out over the day, making it easier for busy workers who have trouble freeing up too much time at once.

Even this might not be the best plan of action for you, though, depending on your lifestyle and current health. For a more specific plan of action, contact a chiropractor today and take action to improve your back pain.