Study looks at relationship between back pain and senior health

Feeling back or neck pain? It could be a sign of your overall health, especially if you're older, according to a new study featured in the European Journal of Pain. Though the research concerned a specific group (Danish twins at least 70 years old) the source found an "association" between spinal pain and mortality rates.

Using data from 4,391 different participants, the researchers asserted a 13 percent increased mortality rate for older sufferers for each year. While there was no similar association with cardiovascular diseases, the study claimed that spinal pain is a possible sign of health problems in general, showing the importance of treating back problems early on.

The problem with using the lower back as a sign of overall health is that it's also a site for symptoms several conditions. Depending on the way it manifests, a bad back could be anything from a mild discomfort to part of a serious spinal problem.

"The study claimed that spinal pain is a possible sign of health problems in general."

A practitioner can pick up on the many different physical factors at work. As the above study mentioned, age is an obvious factor, but so are lifestyle, activity, family history and fluctuating weight. There are also different ways to classify the pain itself, depending on whether it "radiates" throughout the body or limits your mobility in any way.

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