Stay alert to possible spine issues, even during downtime

Everyone needs some time off. Unfortunately, your comfort could lead to issues that might not be that comfortable at all. It can be tough to balance your relaxation time with proper back pain awareness, but doing so could make the difference between actual recreation and future issues. It can be as simple as paying attention to what you're doing or asking a chiropractor for their opinion beforehand.

Robb Report recently dubbed these "disc risks," and spoke to neurosurgeon Dr. Najeeb Thomas about the link between time off and time spent with back problems. He even went as far as to name a time of day when these pains seem to become more prominent.

"Later in the day, you've maybe had a couple of beers, your core isn't as tight, and you're not paying close attention," he said. "We see many people with back injuries in the afternoon, when they let their guard down."

Readers of this blog will know that there are many common leisure activities which can pose back problems. For stationary tasks, there's an easy way to readjust yourself for better alignment and posture, whether reading, using your computer or having a snack.

Other times, though, it may be best to avoid a certain activity altogether, especially if you have a preexisting history of pain. This can also extend to certain exercises if done incorrectly, such as abdominal crunches. Just visiting the gym on its own might not be enough.

A licensed professional chiropractor can give you real advice for which future tasks to avoid, as well as an accurate understanding of what your current pain is all about. In some cases, the worst habits for you won't affect your back specifically but simply increase your current pain.