Start quickly to make snow shoveling easier

Not every area of the country will have the same risk of snowfall going into this winter. Still, knowing the best ways to minimize back pain can prepare you no matter how much snowfall accumulates. While you can use exercises or special shovels to help alleviate some of the pain, one technique is to simply use timing to save yourself some trouble. To put it simply, you can shovel before the snow gets too heavy, so there's less weight to worry about.

The more snow falls, the denser it will become, making it heavier and harder to lift. If you can, it helps to get out and shovel while it's light and fresh instead of waiting too long. Even if you have to come out and shovel more frequently, your task could be easier, saving you time and stress.

Timing also factors in to how long you shovel for each time you head outside. Pushing yourself for too hard can be a bad idea no matter how light the snow is. Remember to take breaks and avoid overexertion, just as with any physical activity.

In some cases, the best thing to do may be to not even try in the first place if you're already suffering from pain or get winded easily. When there's already lots of heavy snow on the ground, a shovel might be too little too late. Instead, question whether or not you need a plow or snowblower to clear an area and keep your upper body safe.

Following these tips could give you a smoother shovel, but if pain comes up, let a professional help you. Consult a chiropractor when you have consistent back pain and learn how to do basic tasks without further aggravation.