Springtime exercises for back pain relief [Video]

Hello and welcome back to the Bronston Chiropractic video blog!

Spring is in full swing. It's time to go outside, get moving and strengthen your spine!

Jumping in the pool can do more than cool you off this spring. Swimming and other water-based exercises are easy on the joints and are great for strengthening core muscles.

Yoga is ideal for building muscle, stretching your body and loosening your joints. With a strong core, you can eliminate back pain before it even occurs.

If you've tried all of these springtime exercises and you're still dealing with back pain, it may be time to visit a chiropractor. The professionals at Bronston Chiropractic can help you target the problem and provide comfort once and for all.

Thanks for watching! Tune in next time for another video blog from Bronston Chiropractic.