Smartphones, bed and sleep: Still not a great combination

Addiction to electronic devices can come with several problems, something all of us are probably aware of. There's also the fact that one bad habit can feed into another, especially when it comes to your phone. Using this device strategically might be acceptable, but spending an excessive amount of time hunched over it could, in fact, leave you with more than just a sore back.

A study that appeared in PLOS One addressed a similar issues: Though it may not have definitely confirmed a cause and effect cycle, it did suggest the way sleep, screen exposure and pain issues could all influence each other. Lack of sleep and pain can, of course, keep one up at night, and this could lead to more time surfing the web on the phone.

What's more, abnormal sleep of all kinds influences various medical issues, not just back pain specifically. The color of the light itself may have something to do with the problem as well, as the source connected the difficulties sleeping with blue light particularly.

So, how do you kick the phone out of bed? You might be best off going cold turkey, as a Business Insider piece said. However, the contributor to that piece also mentioned that she was able to do other activities that didn't involve the distracting blue light, particularly reading.

This should all show why a chiropractor can help review all of your medical issues and create a proper care plan. When there's a qualified practitioner in the house, you can walk away with not just a cure for pain, but some important advice for making healthy lifestyle changes.

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