Running: It might not be the catch-all exercise you think it is

Keeping your back healthy isn't an isolated endeavor. It should be part of your overall fitness, since it depends upon a strong core. Unfortunately, it's easy to overlook this, especially if you've never worked with a personal trainer or built an exercise plan from scratch. You'll need to have proper expectations for each piece of your exercise and know exactly what they pertain to.

Running is one activity that can easily lead you to make assumptions, and even professional athletes have had to address this. Famous quarterback Troy Aikman's personal trainer Jason Harnden recently referred to the myths surrounding running in a recent conversation with The Wall Street Journal. He specifically said that running might not build up the leg strength that some assume it will.

"The biggest mistake people make, especially runners, is thinking they don't need to do resistance training for their legs because they run," he said. "This is how imbalances occur."

Aikman himself added that running every day actually harmed instead of helped.

D Magazine also addressed the harm that could come with running daily. Instead, it suggested incorporating running routines into more regular schedules, with the goal being better endurance in the long run, as opposed to punishing oneself every day. This can require the perspective of a wellness professional, so even amateur athletes know what they're getting into from the beginning.

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