Relax without pain on the beach

Sun, water and sand can all be great parts of the summer. Back pain doesn't go away just because you're at the beach, though, and you need to take the right steps to stay relaxed and in good form. Even if you're just lying down on a towel, you can experience some noticeable discomfort. Lower back pain can interrupt even a great day outside, so don't let your guard down just because you're at the beach.

Some of the basic rules for sleeping well at home can apply to the beach, too. Sleeping on your back with straight legs and head can keep the spine aligned correctly. Although an uneven sandy beach could seem less smooth than a bed, you can still insist on the right posture to keep further pain from developing. It could take some getting used to, but over time you'll feel the difference, and perhaps have a better time under the sun.

That posture could, according to Mind Body Green, also involve lying on your side. If you do that, though, the knees need to be lined with the legs bent. This is different from the way the legs should be when sleeping on your back.

And the same source advised against sleeping on the stomach, which can put pressure on the lower back. Since this is a common position for getting sun, knowing this is important for keeping a good spinal alignment if you like to snooze on the sand.

If you keep experiencing spinal pain, a chiropractor might be the best way to find out how to cure it for sure. Get a professional's opinion and find out once and for all how to start lowering your back pain.