Purses and wallets: Common source of back pain

Whether you keep a wallet in your back pocket or carry a purse over your shoulder, common objects could give you slow but serious pain over time. Like a lot of causes of spine issues, the problem might not arise until too late. The pain each item causes could seem so normal that you forget to treat it like the problem it is.

Purses may seem like the more obvious threat to your back since they often come with a strap. Shifting the purse so the weight is never in one place at one time can help. It might also be best to focus on fixing the purse itself, perhaps by getting wider straps or picking a less bulky model. Make sure you know where the weight is coming from: if it's the purse itself, and not the things in it, it could be time for a new purse!

Wallets might not appear to be a back problem, but one that's jammed full of cash and coins can mess up your sitting position. As with purses, the problem could be all the stuff you put in the wallet, or its own size.

You can try either cleaning it out our replacing it entirely depending on what's causing the problem. Another option is to simply carry it in a different pocket, or perhaps inside a purse (though you'll need take the right steps to make sure you're not just creating new back issues for yourself).

It can be hard to make a real lifestyle change to be kinder to your back. With a chiropractor's help, you'll get professional advice to talk you through it. Contact an experienced doctor today to get an informed opinion when you need it most.