Need for chiropractors to treat low back pain gets more attention

Major medical organizations seem to agree about one crucial thing: Chiropractors might be the answer to lower back pain.

This might seem obvious to most people, but it could represent a big shift in the way some professionals respond, moving away from medication and preferring tactics like spinal manipulation instead. While there have been many sources for this opinion, Psychology Today put some of them in a single article, citing the way thoughts about the role of chiropractors has changed, at least as it pertains to .pain reduction.

Seen all at once, you can note the different groups involved. A Journal of the American Medical Association-published study and the American College of Physicians both seem to support the claim that physical treatment can lead to "higher function" and improvements in health.

The study in JAMA specifically featured conclusions that spinal manipulative therapy, specifically, seemed to be "associated with modest improvements in pain and function at up to 6 weeks."

"Those with back pain may see a change in the recommended treatment for their condition, or at least be curious."

With the attention these organizations are giving to chiropractors, those with back pain may see a change in the recommended treatment for their condition, or at least be curious. The FDA is also part of this trend, mentioning chiropractic methods in a recent "education blueprint" on pain management

The document grouped this science with acupuncture and other "complementary therapies" in the category of "nonpharmocologic" options for either chronic or musculoskeletal pain.

While it listed other tactics such as surgical and psychological approaches as well, the FDA also recommended that providers foster a wide range of knowledge and have different skills to draw on when it comes time to managing pain. For some it might include adding chiropractor techniques to their repertoire or including those with the license to do them in the treatment process.

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