Making a bed that’s right for your back [Video]

It’s estimated that we about a third of our lives in bed. Seems like a good place to make sure you’re taking care of your back, doesn’t it?

To avoid painful nights, make sure you have supportive pillows. You may love the fluff of feather, but your back will hate its flimsiness. Instead, try orthopedic pillows that can keep your spine aligned. Not everyone requires the same firmness, though, so test out a pillow for a week to see how your body reacts. 

That same rule applies to mattresses. One that’s too firm or too soft can be problematic, but it depends on what’s right for you. Spend some nights at a hotel or a friend’s house to experience different types. This is more effective than trying them in a store.

If your back pain persists despite these efforts, be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor today.