Lift heavy objects during a move without hurting yourself

Planning to move to a new home this summer? The excitement and stress of planning your move might hide one of the larger concerns: moving day pains and injuries. If you're like most people, you probably don't lift heavy objects on a regular basis, which means moving day could be an especially trying one. And it doesn't have to be a heavy desk or refrigerator to cause you grief. Ideally, you should lift even lighter objects the right way to avoid straining yourself too much.

First, it's probably best to consider how much any object weighs before you try to pick it up yourself. You'll most likely want to get help with big things like couches and tables, but boxes, too, can prove to be too much, and you might not figure this out until you're already carrying it. You will probably have the best Idea of what you can lift safely.

"If the motion is steady you might be on the right track."

In terms of the lifting motion itself, the Mayo Clinic suggests squatting and using your legs to do most of the work, as well as matching your back's existing spinal curve for a smooth flow. If the motion is steady you might be on the right track. The name of the game is natural, comfortable forms that support your strength.

When it comes to the big jobs, you can spread people around the object and have them all take part of the weight on themselves. Getting a good grip is key, but you can still try to use some of the above tips. Don't be afraid to opt out or even call in professionals if you feel like you aren't up to the task. Hurting yourself will only add even more to your plate to worry about, and chances are you can do without that.

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