Is your golf stance throwing off your back?

Many golfers are probably concerned about their backswing, but they should perhaps be more focused on their back pain. If you're engrossed in the game, it might be easy to forget the impact it has on your spine—that is, until it's too late. Even though swinging a club takes just a few seconds, there are important things happening inside your body during this time that could affect your muscles.

According to information cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, low back pain is responsible for around a quarter of golf-related injuries. The source also said that the effect results from slow-building problems.

In other words, you're less likely to see injuries from a single bad swing than from several bad habits over time. That makes it crucial that you take care of yourself on the green and practice a proper stance.

Following through on a good stance may also help improve your game while keeping your spine in good condition. In a recent piece for The Tennessean, LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Quarcelino said that stances can differ depending on the club used: drivers require a wide stance, while putters take a narrower one, for example.

Quarcelino also warns against planting too wide of a stance, saying that this can lead to falling over entirely. That's a more immediate form of pain, and it's good to avoid that kind too! As with other sports, being aware of your position can be half the battle, especially as you make the full stroke.

Golfing doesn't seem like a strenuous sport on the surface, but it can cause some real problems. Take care of serious back pain by visiting a professional chiropractor as soon as you can.