Internal conditions can cause back pain, too

If you think back pain is only caused by posture, think again. You can do everything right on the outside and still experience some serious cramps and strain, as the Health and Fitness Cheat Sheet recently pointed out.

That source created a list of five conditions that can make your back hurt as a side effect of some larger problem. These might not be the most obvious sources of discomfort, and they're one more reason to head to a licensed chiropractor's office if you have questions.

One example is pancreatic cancer, which can cause back pain if it's spreading throughout the body. However, the source also said this is unlikely to be the only symptom. Similarly speaking, back pain on its own doesn't necessarily mean you suffer from acid reflux, but if it comes with chest pain and an unhealthy diet, reflux could be the problem.

Some of acid reflux's other side effects can also be confused with other things. A list said that this issue can cause coughing, sore throat and hoarseness as well. If you have all of these symptoms already, a sore back on top of that can be the thing that helps you confirm the cause.

Clearly, it helps to broaden your mind when you think about what could be really ailing you. A lot of the causes of back pain fade into the background. When the source is in your body, it's literally invisible and can be that much harder to pinpoint.

Get professional knowledge and find out if your pain is a part of something bigger. An experienced chiropractor will help you narrow down the possibilities and make an educated guess as to what is ailing you.