How to camp safely with back pain

All the parts of camping that make it so fun, like sleeping on the ground under the stars and hiking up scenic mountains, aren't nearly as amazing when you suffer from back pain. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure you have a great time during your camping trips this summer in spite of your back problems:

Use an air mattress
Instead of using a sleeping bag, which can be extremely uncomfortable for those with a bad back, try using a self-pump air mattress instead. This can give you more support and a better night's sleep than staying on the hard ground.

Take breaks
If you're hiking to your camping destination, make sure you take frequent breaks to refuel, rehydrate and stretch. Overexerting yourself to get to your campground can only worsen your pain. Plan out your trip to make time for these breaks.

Lighten your load
Carrying a lot of weight on your back isn't the best idea if you're already suffering from discomfort. To make sure this isn't an issue, pare down your supplies and bring only what you absolutely need for the trip. You should also use proper lifting techniques when picking up your pack and other heavy equipment: Bend at the knee and keep your back straight.

Wear the right footwear
You'll be on your feet a lot when you go camping, so bring the right footwear to tackle different surfaces. Hiking boots are typically your best bet, as they give you proper support and help you balance yourself as you trek up and downhill.

If you're suffering from back pain after a camping trip, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor.