How to avoid injury when you spring back into action

It's finally happening! Winter is soon to end with spring to take its place. When the seasons shift, and it's no longer as unbearably cold, a lot of people suddenly become active again. After a long winter of slow moving or no activity at all, springing back into action can cause back pain. Here are some ways you can ease yourself into physical activity and avoid that discomfort:

Pace yourself
There are many springtime activities that require much more motion than usual, like spring cleaning. With all the bending and lifting, it's easy to injure yourself if you do everything at once. Instead of spending one day or weekend completing every chore on your to-do list, spread it out and tackle one duty at a time. Or, better yet, enlist help from family and friends so you can get everything done without putting all the strain on your back.

Practice your golf swing
For the avid golfer, spring means getting back out on the green. Before you start swinging away, you should know how playing golf can trigger back pain. It's important that, before you tee off, you warm up and prep your muscles by stretching and taking gentle swings. You also need to practice and perfect your swinging technique. Getting enough force behind your swing can mount a lot of pressure on your lower back and cause injury. A proper swing should be smooth by rotating and sharing the load between the shoulder, pelvis and thoracolumbar segments. You should also maintain a good balance to keep from hurting yourself.

Take breaks
Though you're probably eager to get back outside and take full advantage the nice weather, it's also necessary to take sufficient breaks and allow your body the time to adjust. Take the time to stretch, drink water and breathe. Your body will appreciate the time to recuperate, and you'll be less likely to induce or worsen your pain.

Travel smart
Spring is a popular time to get away, but before you start jet setting, you should think about the ways you can avoid lower back pain. Traveling for long hours can cause a lot of discomfort, and carrying heavy bags can throw your spine out of alignment. No matter how you're reaching your destination, make sure to take enough breaks to stretch and walk around.

Listen to your body
Whether you're trying something new or getting back to your favorite spring activity, it's always important to listen to your body. If you have any pain and discomfort, it's time to slow down or stop entirely.

If you're still experiencing back pain this spring, you should schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor.