How running shoes can hurt your feet

It's always important to get running shoes that fit you well, but sometimes you can overdo it. Is the pair of sneakers or tennis shoes you just bought actually a danger in disguise? If you think so, it may be time to see a doctor with a background in sports medicine to get professional advice.

Here are some of the ways the wrong pair of shoes can harm you:

  • Not enough support: A shoe with the wrong design for you could lead to serious pain when you're working out. Sometimes you may be able to counter this with new soles, but in other cases the problem could simply lie in the way the shoe is built.
  • Blisters, bruises and broken bones: A lot of problems can come from wearing shoes that are too tight. Pay attention to pain, numbness or signs of discoloration in your toenails. While there should be some room for moving your toes inside the ideal pair, there should also be a snug fit in the heel to avoid blisters. Remember, just because some minor wounds went away doesn't mean there isn't a problem if they keep coming back.
  • Wearing out too early: A good shoe should last you a while, and if it seems like your pair is falling apart soon after you bought them, you probably have the wrong choice. Naturally, if you're doing a lot of jogging or exercising, your shoes are more likely to show some signs of strain. Know when it's time to stop using the same pair of tattered footwear.

When you're suffering sports-related injuries like athlete's foot, visit Bronston Chiropractic for a thorough examination. With experience treating elite athletes, Dr. Bronston has the knowledge to take care of injuries in your feet or elsewhere in your body. Reach out to us for more information.