How bad posture can cause headaches, and how you can prevent them

Do you get headaches often and aren't sure why? They might be caused by your posture. Here is some information about these headaches and how you may be able to prevent them:  

What kinds of headaches are caused by poor posture?

The two most common types of headaches that result from bad posture are tension and neck-related headaches. Tension headaches stem from the muscles in the back of the neck and scalp. Neck-related headaches may be a side effect of straining or inflammation of the discs in your neck or the joint where your head and neck meet.

What are the symptoms of these headaches?

Those experiencing tension headaches typically describe their pain as being mild to moderate, and more often than not on both sides of the head and neck. Neck-related headaches usually only occur on one side of the neck or head and have higher pain levels than tension headaches.

What are the consequences of these headaches?

If uncorrected, the headaches brought on by bad posture can become chronic, resulting in additional problems, such as prolonged poor posture and an overuse of pain medication. Medication may not even help these kinds of pain, as many experience rebound headaches after medicating.

How do I prevent these from happening?

The key to preventing these types of headaches is to improve your posture. Make sure you sit, stand and lie down properly, being mindful of the position of your head, neck and back. Exercising your back and hamstring muscles will also help encourage proper posture.

If you suffer from chronic tension and neck-related headaches and are looking for relief, schedule an appointment with a professional chiropractor right away.