Holiday travel doesn’t have to hurt your back


Before you know it, the  holiday season will be here, and that could mean a whole wealth of activities that stress out your back. Something doesn’t have to put an extraordinary amount of pressure on this part of your body to make your pain flare up. Simply putting yourself through the process of travel could be enough to irritate your joints and leave you feeling out of it, or worse.

With holiday travel, planning is essential. Depending on how far you’ll have to go, it will probably be best to plan ahead as much as you can. This applies not just to your plane tickets and road trip route but the things you bring with you for comfort, such as back support  and medicine to keep your pain levels down. Whether you fly or drive, you’ll probably be spending lots of time sitting, so have aids like medicine and back support with you to reinforce strong posture.

Unfortunately, traveling during a busy time can make it harder to take breaks. Getting up on a plane for stretches is harder when there’s a crowd, and traffic can keep you from taking all the rest stops you’d like to. Counter this by doing what stretches you can, packing your bags to minimize weight and taking things as slowly as possible.

One more important step is to consult a professional chiropractor for care issues. Get some concrete advice before your trip and quality care afterwards to make sure the holidays don’t take their toll on you. Combining your own prevention steps with advice from a caregiver can give you an enhanced way for dealing with the causes of everyday back pain, even during this time of the year.