Holiday shopping can stress your back if you aren’t careful

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful on its own. Add back pain and a routine trip to the mall could become arduous. Don't just brace for pain: Here are some alternatives to help you stay comfortable and healthy while still making your way through your gift list.

Before you even set foot in the store, you might want to take some basic precautions. Do you have a back-healthy way to carry large loads with you after you've made your purchases? Avoid bringing too many unnecessary things with you so you'll be able to carry all of your possessions. If possible, it's best to space out your purchases in multiple bags you can carry so you won't have to labor along with one heavy object throwing your balance off.

If you're planning on marathon shopping or waiting in long lines, plan to take regular breaks. Walking around can be good for your back, but not if you're stressing yourself out in the process. Get plenty of water and rest to make sure you keep your stamina up. Take a break every 45 minutes if you can.

Even if you stay home for Cyber Monday and shop online instead, you could still find yourself adding stress to your back. Some of the the same tips may apply here, in a way. You still need to take breaks to get some activity in, and keeping your feet flat on the ground in a balanced position could be helpful in both cases.

You might not think about shopping as a burdensome activity, but preparing for it by talking to a licensed chiropractor could be a good first step. Get in touch with a professional today for ideas about staying active and out of pain.