Having too much fun? Distraction could keep you from noticing pain

As you go about your routine, ask yourself: is my head tilted at an angle? There are many ways we can position our heads to cause strain without realizing it, if we're distracted. And what could be more distracting than a fun video game?

If something fun or engaging is going on, it can override the discomfort we feel. That was one of the observations found in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine last year. According to this report, a man with thumb pain noted fewer symptoms while playing a mobile game. Specifically, the game "suppressed pain perception," affecting the way users related to their own bodies.

While this is just one study, there are other activities that might make you ignore how much pain you're in. It doesn't even have to be for entertainment purposes. The Washington Post recently spoke to Jack Dennerlein, a health researcher who described the way devices lead us to bend into strange positions.

"Mobile devices allow us to use them in any type of configuration — to lay back in bed, upside down, in all sorts of awkward postures," Dennelrein said. "A few minutes might be okay, but if you're typing emails for three hours, that's not good."

Even if you have noticed some pain, dismissing it might eventually make things worse. Without an expert's advice, it's tough to know exactly what's causing your body's pains and where they're really coming from.

Staying aware and taking your symptoms seriously can put you on the road to a better back. Contact a chiropractor soon for a professional opinion on any lingering pain. Find out sooner than later if adjusting your posture can save you serious strain, and make your hobbies more fun as a result.