Halloween activities could bring out back pain

People with chronic pain know that small activities can suddenly leave them hurting. When this happens around a holiday, the effects can be even worse. Halloween may be more than a month away, but there's still time to consider how to have a good night without aches and pains. If this is a concern in your regular life, it could be best to talk to a professional beforehand so you'll know what to expect when October 31 rolls around.

When you stop to think about it, there are several opportunities for Halloween to stoke your back pain. Extensive decorating, for example, could put pressure on your back. Some people like to set up the spooky ornaments early, which is all the more reason to pay attention to your body. Climbing ladders and carrying heavy objects might be a bad idea for anyone with a hurting back, so don't put yourself through unnecessary strain. 

One of the hallmarks of Halloween has always been the pumpkin, and everyone knows that these can be especially heavy. Carry them cautiously, and be careful during carving.

If you plan on trick-or-treating or making the party rounds, there are a few other tips you can keep in mind. Plan your evening based on how far you're going to walk, and wear appropriate clothing and shoes. While an unusual costume can make you the talk of the town, it can also give you some added weight to juggle. Make sure you'll be comfortable all night before deciding on something with lots of extra pieces.

Chronic pain sufferers may need reliable professionals to make their conditions more manageable. The sooner you speak to someone with experience, the less you'll have to worry about sudden pain in the middle of a holiday.