Getting to know diathermy: is it right for you?

If you have muscle pain or need to adapt after surgery, diathermy could be good for you. Like all treatments, though, there are some people that should avoid it. It's not always the best choice but it's one perhaps worth keeping in mind.

In case you haven't heard of it, diathermy is a treatment which involves heating to treat certain parts of the body. It can be a relief for those who need their joint or muscle pain taken care of. One of the keys, according to Britannica online, is the gradual way it is used to affect the tissue as the energy passes through you. Heat is just one part of the equation and patients can go into their clinic with some basic ideas about what they'll be able to accomplish.

Along those same lines, possible patients need to think about the conditions which might make diathermy unsafe. Not only is it not always equally good for each part of the body, diathermy can affect those with implanted metal devices.

Even if they don't have it, having had one in the past could also be a disqualifying factor for this process. Implanted leads won't react well to the heat of the treatment and could cause problems. A good clinician will take the time to explain this, and also identify any conditions that could pose a problem. Issues buried deep within the body, such as restricted blood or unhealed bones, can also act as difficulties for the process.

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