Enjoying a concert with less back pain

With many summer activities, a little pain might be expected, but a concert is supposed to be pure fun. Any back pain that shows up during this time could put a serious damper on your plans, so try to cut down on the irritants by staying strong and preparing yourself.

For simplicity's sake, we're going to talk about standing-room-only situations, though sitting can come with its own possible health hazards. You might not have lots of room to stretch on the dance floor, but if you can, some simple standing leg and foot raises can help address some of your pain by changing up your stiff, standard posture. Another common-sense idea could be to wear comfortable shoes and clothing to avoid excess weight.

"Concerts is that they allow you to get some well-needed movement."

One good thing about concerts is that they allow you to get in some movement. That can be difficult during a normal day, especially if your work keeps you sitting a lot, so take advantage of it and try to use it to help get some blood flowing.

If you can get past the initial pain, you may find that the concert itself actually helps with your current state. A U.S. News & World Report article recently listed pain relief as one of the possible benefits of attending a concert in the first place (assuming you like the music), based on the rush of endorphins you can experience. But that might only happen if your existing pain is too great.

As always, checking in with a professional is the best way to get a reliable opinion on persistent back pain. Contact Bronston Chiropractic or our Medical Division Community Care Clinic today to schedule an appointment and learn more about possible sports injury treatment.