Eating right for a strong back

Are you making the right dietary choices for spinal health? If you're trying to improve your back, you'll likely need to not just exercise and sit right, but eat right too. Although a specialist is the best person to turn to for real information, there are some foods that may benefit the muscles that are giving you grief.

A good way to think about this is to consider what nutrition this part of your body needs. Since we're talking about muscle, you might assume that protein-heavy meat is the right choice. However, it's not that simple. Meat can contain bone-friendly vitamins, but the fat content might end up being bad news for your back.

In general, fatty and sugary foods are best avoided if you want to prevent inflammation. Overly processed foods and white flour can also have negative effects on back health. You don't have to cut these out of your diet entirely, but limiting them could prove to be a good start.

The best foods, say multiple sources, are probably those you already know are generally good for you: whole fruits, vegetables, grains and fish. The last one can provide Omega-3 fatty acids, which are useful for your nerves.

One final key ingredient could be calcium, known as a source of bone strength from childhood and beyond. It's important to distinguish between good dairy products and those which will carry unnecessary fats. In addition, healthy green vegetables and nuts can also contain calcium as part of a wide range of nutrients in these sources.

Ask a chiropractor to get real answers about spinal and muscular health. This will help you know for sure if you're eating the right foods to address pain.