Dr. Bronston visits elite athlete training facility in Colorado

Dr. Bronston is a proud supporter of "elite athletes training for the 2018 Games in Pyeongchang and 2020 Games in Tokyo. As such, he now serves as a volunteer medical provider helping the Sports Medicine Division, and recently visited the Colorado Springs the official training center in Colorado Springs.

It's one of three similar training centers throughout the country, the other two in Chula Vista, CA and Lake Placid, N. Y. The Colorado Springs facility is the main headquarters, though, and represents the base for an organization dating back to 1894. The medical support Dr. Bronston is assisting with is just one of the types of services the center offers its athletes onsite at its locations.

This organization brings medical professionals, including chiropractors, together for U.S. athletes. Although this is a volunteer position, it still represents a significant commitment: Participating chiropractors have multi-disciplinary care experience, a sports medicine certificate and a history of working with soft tissue medicine with musculoskeletal management.

In addition, the process involves a background check to evaluate each member. However, the chance to serve athletes makes the process more than worthwhile, and helps ensure consistent care.

As it says on its official website, the overseeing organization for the international games is an important body for the and supports athletes as well as the bidding process for multiple events, putting Dr. Bronston closer to other important sports efforts as well.

Chiropractors have a lot to offer athletes on both the professional and local levels. Many sports involve pressure and impact on the muscles, joints and spine. To help heal, a chiropractor can use manual therapy, which involves working with the affected parts of the body to relieve pain. There are other skill sets that chiropractors bring to the sports world, too, including drugless therapy and diagnostic skills.