Don’t hurt your back while reading

So many bad habits for your back can crop up without you realizing. Here's something that many people could be doing wrong: reading.

To be fair, the problem with reading posture is often a problem with sitting or lying, since that's how a lot of people will be positioned when diving into their favorite book. All the same, there are some little back pain factors that the reading stance adds to the equation. A 2009 CBS article quoted muscle expert Dr. Norman Marcus on the best way to enjoy reading while in bed.

It might seem uncomfortable at first, but Dr. Marcus actually said that sitting up, not lying on your back, is the healthiest way to go about nighttime reading. This is partly because the act of holding up the book itself causes strain.

Lifting your head, a minor action, can also cause problems. Even if you've got a good position for your spine, Dr. Marcus also suggested switching positions to keep the muscles in good shape. Holding one position for too long can be harmful, no matter how correct it is.

There's a good reason for those with back pain to try to get reading right, though. A 2015 Prevention article said that reading could help reduce stress levels. This could, in turn, improve your back health and help keep pain at bay by raising your mood. As long as you read at a good angle and don't keep your head tilted down the wrong way, reading might ultimately help you with your back.

If you have any questions about your back, don't leave things up to chance. Contact a professional chiropractor instead and get usable medical advice for all kinds of back and neck conditions.