Along with an assessment of your unique needs and spinal manipulation as needed, Bronston Clinics offer these complementary forms of non-drug therapy to help you get back in action after an injury or to relieve chronic pain:


Electrotherapy Channeling therapeutic electrical current through muscles, nerves and connective tissue can provide relief from chronic, intractable or acute post-traumatic pain. Electrotherapy may relax muscle spasms and prevent or retard disuse atrophy. It can also increase local blood circulation, re-educate muscles, stimulate calf muscles after surgery to prevent venous thrombosis and maintain or increase range of motion. Your Bronston care providers use the most advanced technology, addressing your needs and helping you heal naturally without risk of addiction to prescription pain medicines. 


Along with spinal manipulation and other treatments, our chiropractors and therapists may use ultrasound therapy to alleviate pain, muscle spasms, and joint contractures. Ultrasound therapy conducts sound waves via a vibrating crystal inside a soundhead which is held against your skin, using one of two applications:

physical therapy

  • Gel or lotion – This medium transfers the sound waves from the soundhead to your body with continuous contact, preventing air space from forming, as air is a poor conductor.
  • Underwater therapy – Since water is an excellent conductor of sound waves, you may receive therapy where the waterproof soundhead and your body tissue are submerged.

Gentle heating is the desired effect of ultrasound, and your treatment should feel good. Questions? Contact your Bronston healthcare provider to address pain and get back in action!

Massage therapy

Drug-Free Pain Relief massageMassage therapy may help relieve pain and improve the range of motion in patients suffering from an injury or chronic pain. It can assist patients to manage workplace injuries and improve the ability to sleep. Massage has even been reported to have a positive effect on patients’ vital signs. There are many forms of massage therapy, from Reiki to Swedish massage, as well as deep tissue, trigger point, hot stone, myofascial release, pregnancy/women’s applications, and sports massage. Bronston healthcare providers may recommend massage therapy in addition to spinal manipulation for natural, hands-on healing. When part of an integrated treatment plan developed specifically for your care, massage therapy may enhance your body’s ability to heal itself without the use of prescription pain medicines. Ask us for details.  

Physical therapy

n keeping with our collaborative approach to treating neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, Bronston healthcare providers may recommend physical therapy to help you heal. Patients often achieve optimal results from specific chiropractic adjustments along with individualized exercise programs to improve core strength, flexibility, balance and posture, taught by our qualified physical therapist.

drug-free pain reliefPhysical therapy has applications for treating orthopedic conditions such as shoulder tendonitis, hip, knee and ankle injuries, total joint replacements, back/neck sprains, and strains. Special applications include women’s health (pre/postpartum, incontinence, pelvic pain) and colorectal (constipation, IBS) issues. It’s another component used in treating the whole person, helping you overcome physical limitations and live a full life. Ask your Bronston care provider for more information on natural, drug-free therapies.