Bronston Chiropractic Community Care Clinic

With rising health care costs and high deductibles, Community Care Clinic provides our community with affordable, quality family healthcare for the diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions, digital x-ray, patient lab testing and prescriptions when necessary.

A part of the Bronston Chiropractic family, Community Care Clinic was developed from our vision of integrated health care. Located in the center of the Coulee Region, inside Bronston Chiropractic in Onalaska, Community Care Clinic thrives by treating all patients with quality, accessible and affordable care. Our approach to integrated healthcare ensures that every patient will feel both comfortable and satisfied with the service they receive each and every visit.

Onalaska Clinic

1202 County Road PH
Phone: (608) 781-2225

Our Vision

To provide the best patient experience

Our Values

Dignity: Providing respect for individual differences
Innovations: Welcome change, encourage innovation and efficiencies to serve humanity
Service: Exceed patients’ expectations
Compassion: Caring, supportive environment for patients, families and caregivers
Integrity: High moral principles and professional standards with commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency
Teamwork: Collaborate and share knowledge to the benefit of those we serve (our patients)
Quality: Maintain highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving outcomes

WCA Group Health Trust has a special contract with the Community Care Clinic (offering medical services) for the employees and their family members who are covered under the Districts’ Group Health Plan. Currently in the Coulee region this includes Holmen and La Crosse school districts.

All services will be paid at 100%.

The deductible, co-insurance and office visit co-pays are waived.

Services & Rates

Basic Fees
Camp, School or Sports Physicals $30
Office Visit $40
Tetanus Booster – Td $30
TB Test/PPD $25
Flu Shot $24
ALT $20
Amylase $30
ANA Screen $70
AST $20
B-12 Level $25
Bilirubin $20
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) $30
C1Q $60
CA 125 $60
CBC, Complete $40
CK (CPK) $20
Calcium $20
Chlamydia $50
Chlamydia/GC $80
Cortisol, Total $35
Creatinine $20
Electrolyte Panel $40
Estrogen $60
Ferritin $35
Folic Acid Level $25
FSH $50
Fibrinogen $60
Free T3 (Thyroid) $40
Free T4 (Thyroid) $40
GGT $20
Glucose $10
H. Pylori Antibody $60
Hemoglobin A1C $30
Iron/IBC/%SAT $35
Lamotrigine $50
Lead $50
Lipid Panel $40
Lyme Titer $40
Magnesium $20
Metabolic Panel/CMP $40
Pap Smear $50
Potassium $20
Pregnancy-Blood $30
Progesterone $50
Prolactin $40
Protime $25
PSA (Prostate) $40
Rapid Strep Throat $20
Reticulocyte Count $50
Rhematoid Factor $40
SGOT $20
Stone Analysis $100
Stool Occult Blood $10
Testosterone–Female $70
Testosterone-Male $60
Thyroglobulin (Thyroid) $60
Total Protein $20
TPO $40
Troponin Test $90
TSH (Thyroid) $40
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) $20
Uric Acid $20
Urinalysis $30
Vitamin D 25 OH $100
WBC/Differential $20
Wet Prep, Vaginal $25

Prices subject to change.
Additional services available. Please call for details.