Bronston Clinic named to Fulcrum’s ChiroCare Centers of Excellence 2017

Each year Fulcrum Health Inc. publishes a list of ChiroCare Centers of Excellence. The compilation recognizes clinics that maintain clearly defined and documented procedures, as well as an appropriate supporting infrastructure, which combine to ensure that patients receive care that is consistent and effective.  

Bronston Clinic is proud to have earned a spot on the list as one of 2017's Centers of Excellence.  

What is a Center of Excellence?
In 2013, Fulcrum – at the time known as Chiropractic Care of Minnesota Inc. – identified the characteristics of excellence in chiropractic care by establishing the National Task Force on Spine Care. These traits became the framework for identifying clinics dedicated to addressing lower back pain with a value-based, patient-centered approach. 

Today, clinics who apply for the CCoE designation are graded based on this criteria developed for the program. 

The attributes of excellence, according to Fulcrum, are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Patient Intake and History.
  2. Assessment and Outcome Tools.
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  4. Shared Decision Making.
  5. Conservative Imaging.
  6. Treatment Care Plans.
    1. Diagnosis.
    2. Re-evaluation.
    3. Individualized Treatment Plans.
    4. Regular assessments to determine progress.
    5. Treatment care plans are modified based on outcome assessments.
  7. Coordination of Care Between Practitioners or Facilities.
  8. Management of the Care Plan.
  9. Established Referral List of Practitioners and Referral Procedures.
  10. Active Care Instruction.
  11. Patient Education on homecare and prevention.
  12. Wellness Instruction.
  13. Patient-Centered Approach to Care Plans and Care Management.
  14. Demonstration of Collaboration with Other Practitioners.

Clinics that meet these criteria are given CCoE designation. 

Bronston Clinic and your health
Bronston Chiropractic has been serving the Coulee region since 1978. As the practice grew, we founded the Community Care Clinic with the goal of providing affordable, accessible and quality medical care services to the area, one patient at a time. 

"We believe prevention plays an invaluable role in community health."

At Bronston, we believe preventive measures play an invaluable role in the health of our community. Patients need to know what they can do to preserve their health for their lifetimes.

Through the collaborative care provided at Bronston Chiropractic and Community Care Clinic, our providers focus on helping you solve the issue, not just mask the symptoms you're experiencing. We aim to both get rid of any pain you're experiencing today and keep it from returning in the future.    

Contact Bronston Chiropractic today to learn more about the services we provide in the Coulee region. We look forward to becoming a partner in your health and well-being.