Bronston Chiropractic sponsoring 17th Annual Maple Leaf Walk Run

Bronston Chiropractic is one of the four event sponsors of the upcoming Maple Leaf Walk Run in La Crosse on Oct. 1. Bronston will join Cowgill Dental, Festival Foods and Marine Credit Union, as well as the presenting sponsor Toyota La Crosse.

Each sponsor has their own corresponding event taking place on the same day. Bronston's event is the Kids Maple Mile, a one-mile long course that we've sponsored since its creation in 2006. Combined, the different courses will take racers along the Black, La Crosse and Mississippi Rivers on a flat track, according to the official La Crosse YMCA site. The course ends in Riverside Park and gives runners a chance to enjoy the Oktoberfest Parade Route.

Community and Special Events Director Shawn McClone said that kids get special rewards for finishing their race, including a medal and light snacks afterward, as well as a long sleeve shirt with registration. He also gave advice to families with children participating in the run.

"My advice to families and children signing up for the Maple Leaf Walk Run is simply have fun and do your best to finish the race," McClone said. "Some children will run the mile, while others will walk the entire way and either way is perfectly fine.

He added that 150 youths are expected for the Maple Mile, and that the run earns $50,000 in proceeds on average. Ultimately, "the goal is to work on building a healthy lifestyle while having fun and finishing the race."

As both a supporter of healthy lifestyles and a member of our local community, Bronston is proud to support this important local event. Follow our blog for more information about events we sponsor as well as tips for proper back health. You can also read about the run here.