Bronston Chiropractic and Minnesota Southeast Technical College team up for new massage benefit

Our patients now have a new opportunity to get a special therapeutic massage together with Minnesota Southeast Technical College from Winona, Minnesota. If you are in need of serious deep-tissue treatment, this could be a perfect offer for you.

Visitors to our Onalaska clinic can stop by between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Thursdays to take part in this exclusive offer. In exchange for a donation that benefits multiple organizations, participants will receive a complimentary massage that lasts as long as an hour. The time depends upon how much visitors donate: a $10 donation can go toward a half-hour long massage, and a $20 donation can be exchanged for a full hour-long massage.

Proceeds will benefit three different organizations covering various subjects: the Coulee Region Humane Society, the La Crosse Area Veterans Mentor Program, Inc and WAFER. The first of these cares for animals and pets, the second offers transition support for former military personnel and the last works to fight hunger in La Crosse County. That way, anyone who shows up can feel extra good abut giving to a noble cause.

Bronston Chiropractic & Community Care Clinic specializes in multiple types of treatment, including chiropractic and spinal manipulative therapy. If you're interested in learning about what we have to offer, this is a great way to see our center firsthand and get some initial care to boot.

In addition to this Onalaska clinic, we also have facilities in Fountain City, Holmen, La Crosse and Sparta. The staff in all of these locations can help you with several different medical conditions, ranging from proper care to internal issues like nutrition.

You can see a map of all of these locations here, and also find the contact information for each one. Be sure to ask about our rates for specific services, as they may vary.