Beware of sports injuries that happen off the field

When someone tells you about "sports-related injuries," you probably think of sprains, twists and fractures that come from rough activity. While these are important areas to consider, there are also injuries tied to relatively innocuous, everyday activities. Last March, ESPN reported on an injury that actually occurred after a game had finished, showing why athletes may want to stay consistently on their guard.

The athlete in question, Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Will Smith, told the source about how he hurt his knee while removing a shoe. It may have happened in a matter of moments, but the injury was serious enough to keep Smith out of the game for what his manager said was "significant time" after tearing his lateral collateral ligament.

"My knee just went up and popped," Smith said, referring to what happened shortly after he tried to pull off his shoe. "Everyone tells you there is nothing you can do about it, but you still feel like you are letting people down."

Tearing the lateral collateral ligament (on the outside of the knee) can leave you with pain and signs of swelling. It's not to be confused with the medial collateral ligament, located on the opposite side of the knee.

The key point to remember is that either ligament can be hurt without warning, with the result possibly being distinct pain, at least either instantly or gradually. In this case, it seems that the sudden movement might have been a part of the reason for Smith's injury.

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