Beth Mirasola-Smith, PT has recently moved to the La Crosse area and will be seeing patients at Community Care Clinic a division of Bronston Chiropractic located at the Onalaska location.

Beth has a passion for living and teaching others to discover healthy lifestyle habits and is looking forward to this collaboration for effective treatment of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions.

Now patients will be able to achieve optimal results with the specific chiropractic adjustments along with individualized exercise programs to improve core strength, flexibility, balance and pasture taught by a Physical Therapist. Along with over 25 years experience in treating all orthopedic conditions such as shoulder tendonitis,  hip, knee and ankle injuries, total joint replacements, back/neck sprains and strains,

Beth has a special skill set in women’s health including pre-postpartum, incontinence, pelvic pain and colorectal health (constipation, IBS). Beth believes in treating the whole person, helping patients to overcome their limitations.


Onalaska Clinic
(608) 781-2225