Back pain becomes a major world nuisance

If you have suffered back pain recently, the good news is you are not alone. Because of the many causes and related complications, back pain can be a common occurrence to anyone and a threat around the world.

However, even if you suspect this, you won't know it's true until you see statistics, like those from an Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation study that recently appeared in The Lancet and was cited by The Atlantic.

This study used Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) to measure the impact of different conditions, combining all of the total years caused by a certain condition to rate its impact. Data from the study featured in The Atlantic showed lower back pain as one of the higher-ranking issues for different people around the world.

Low back and neck pain ranked as the second-highest Socio-demographic Index item, under ischemic heart disease for DALYs for every 100,000 people of all ages. It placed at the fourth spot in the top ten for 2015 globally for those of all ages. In both cases low back and neck pain rose in the list to a higher entry.

Despite this information, back pain can still be a sustained problem for those who have to find a way to manage their lives. A Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study appeared in BMJ found that lower back pain ranked highest among 291 conditions for terms of disabilities. As such, we can see that ranking back pain this high isn't entirely new.

If lower back pain really is becoming more of a threat, sufferers all over the world will need assurance that they're taking the right steps. Contact a licensed professional chiropractor as soon as you can for medical advice and treatment that fits your condition.